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Nat Games and Yostar Announce Anime-style Moblie Games, Project Mx

NAT Games, a subsidiary of Nexon Korea that previously made titles such as HIT, Overhit and V4, on Tuesday (18/2) announced the title of the newest anime-themed mobile game, Project MX.

Reporting from MMO Culture and Inside Games , Project MX is still a temporary title of the game. This game can be played for free and will include online payment systems and Gacha.

The game is scheduled to be present on iOS and Android this year, and will be published by Yostar in Japan and South Korea by Nexon.

It should be noted that the popularity of Yostar itself has increased in recent months, after launching the Arknights mobile game globally and also operating Azur Lane in Japan.

According to the official description, Project MX is an RPG genre, and will feature a variety of girl characters that can be collected from various institutions that fight in 3D tactical battles with anime-style graphics.

A short 30-second promotional video (PV) was launched on Yostar’s YouTube channel to celebrate the announcement of Project MX’s mobile game presence.

Project MX is led by Yongha Kim, who previously had experience with anime-style games slot online such as when working on Qurare: Magic Library.

Long awaited, One-Punch Man Season 2 Surprised Fans – The fans’ long wait for the One-Punch Man season 2 anime has finally been cured. The first episode aired in Japan on Tuesday (9/4/2019) then. Previously, this anime aired in 2015, very long indeed the pause.

Anime One-Punch Man Season 2 had surprised fans with the striking difference in animation coloring. After the first episode aired, of course we are again brought to the action of bald Saitama.

Interestingly, at the beginning of this One-Punch Man Season 2, Saitama and Genos learned that King did not move when he met a robot monster.

They also realize that King is the only member of the Heroes’ Association who has no super powers.

Fight Against the Monster

There are also moments of Saitama flashback when he has not been given super powers. His determination to fight the monsters made him capable of launching a boxing attack once.

One-Punch Man Season 2 is known to air through the Hulu streaming service. The work was done by Chikara Sakurai (director Naruto Shippuden) with his new studio, JC Staff. Previously, this anime was done by Madhouse.

Kyoto Animation Studio Allegedly Burned, Dozens of People Killed

Studio Kyoto Animation which gave birth to dozens of popular anime, allegedly attacked. Reporting from The Verge , Thursday (7/18/2019), an explosion was heard in this studio around 10:30 am local time.

The police secured a man in his 40s who was seen flushing and igniting the alleged liquid as gasoline on the first floor of the Kyoto Animation building . This floor, referred to as the main location of the course of this studio production.


The Mainichi Shinbun newspaper reported that it was this man who triggered the fire. BBC, reported the NHK report , said that this man shouted “die” when carrying out the action.

As a result of this incident, the death toll cannot be avoided. CNN reported that there were at least 23 deaths from this incident, and 36 others were injured.

The Kyoto fire department said 13 victims were confirmed dead, and more than 10 people were inside the Kyoto Animation building  but showed no sign of life.

Leading Animation Studio

Kyoto Animation, also known as KyoAni, was founded by Yoko and Hiadeaki Hatta in 1981. This studio has spawned a number of popular series, such as K-On! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The Verge reports that KyoAni is an animation studio known for its high quality animation. This studio is also known as one of the most friendly workplaces in the field of animation, an industry known for having high pressure in Japan.