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Kyoto Animation Studio Allegedly Burned, Dozens of People Killed

Studio Kyoto Animation which gave birth to dozens of popular anime, allegedly attacked. Reporting from The Verge , Thursday (7/18/2019), an explosion was heard in this studio around 10:30 am local time.

The police secured a man in his 40s who was seen flushing and igniting the alleged liquid as gasoline on the first floor of the Kyoto Animation building . This floor, referred to as the main location of the course of this studio production.


The Mainichi Shinbun newspaper reported that it was this man who triggered the fire. BBC, reported the NHK report , said that this man shouted “die” when carrying out the action.

As a result of this incident, the death toll cannot be avoided. CNN reported that there were at least 23 deaths from this incident, and 36 others were injured.

The Kyoto fire department said 13 victims were confirmed dead, and more than 10 people were inside the Kyoto Animation building  but showed no sign of life.

Leading Animation Studio

Kyoto Animation, also known as KyoAni, was founded by Yoko and Hiadeaki Hatta in 1981. This studio has spawned a number of popular series, such as K-On! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The Verge reports that KyoAni is an animation studio known for its high quality animation. This studio is also known as one of the most friendly workplaces in the field of animation, an industry known for having high pressure in Japan.