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5 Favorite Female Anime Figure from Time to Time

5 Favorite Female Anime Figure from Time to Time –  Many female anime figures become idols of anime lovers, both men and women. Her ideal facial and body beauty was able to amaze anyone who looked at her.

Now, countless female anime characters. From year to year new names emerge.

However, out of many female anime characters, there are some charming names that are timeless and are still a favorite of many. Who are they?

Inoue Orihime

This beautiful character comes from the film Bleach . Inoue has long brown hair and big round eyes. Her feminine beauty and style are able to captivate men and cause jealousy of other women. The lucky man who managed to conquer Inoue’s heart at Bleach was Ichigo.

Good hancock

Who does not know the beautiful pirates in the One Piece movie , Boa Hancock. Known as the pirate queen, Hancock was able to pull sailors into her ‘deadly’ trap. I was so beautiful this character, he could turn men into stone, you know!

Hinata Hyuga

Hinata is a woman who is able to win Naruto. Initially, young Hinata was a shy girl. Gradually, he grew up to become a graceful and powerful ninja. Naruto was finally captivated by this beautiful woman.

Misa Amane

Another anime figure whose beauty is able to captivate the hearts of many people is Misa Amane from Death Note . He comes like a refresher in the middle of a fairly complicated film story. Mass is able to attract the hearts of male spectators with a look that often uses sexy and charming clothes.

Idol Group Moe

Idol Group Moe has three personnel, namely Mion, Sora, and Lily. They are three friends from different planets who both like music and anime. The three of them met and became acquainted with Planet Gliese.